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Kuopio, Melalahti, Vehmersalmi and Karttula areas

Nilsiä (center) and Tahko
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Juankoski (center), Muuruvesi and Säyneinen
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Water pipe leaks

If you notice a leak or even suspect it, please call us right away. It is important that we can react these situations as quickly as possible and prevent any further damage. If a leak is in your own house piping, we will close your house valve if necessary. Owner of the house is responsible for repairing pipings inside the house.

No water or  discoloured water

Normally our water system works good. However, there are situations that we have to close parts of the network. The reason for this can be for examble piping renewal, leak correction, distribution system maintaining or network rinse. After these works water can be temporarily discoloured. In such cases run the water calmly about five minutes at a time until the water is colorless and clear.

If there is a problem with the water, please, do the following:

Check if there are undergoing water supply system service or repairing in the house company. Check also the newsletters on our websites to see if there is any service or construction work in the water supply network in the area. If you can’t find any explanation before there can be a pipeline leak or other unexpected problem.

We will inform you about any problems on our website and on Facebook and via SMS for those who are registered as users (register here). In addition, we will inform the local media. If you can’t find information about these sources, you can be the first person to find the problem. Then call us right away.

Discoloured water

Brown water is usually caused by the water direction or flow changes in the network. These changes can detach iron and manganese from the pipe walls. This is not dangerous to health but the water should run until it is clear before domestic use.

Water usually looks grey if air bubbles are mixed into it. Water will be clear after a stand  for a while when the air has removed.

Water meter faults

It is important to follow the water meter also between reading requests. By doing so leaks can be noticed. If the water meter rotates, and there is not water use in the house at the same time, there can be a leak.

If you suspect that your water meter displays an incorrect readout or is broken, please contact with our water metering.

In winter water pipes and meters freeze easily. Freezing can cause high costs, for example, when the pipes break and water drains into house structures. The best way to prevent freezing is to insulate water pipes well and keep temperature above zero in a room the water meter is installed. If the water pipe or meter is frozen or broken, immediately contact a specialist. Pipe contractors melt the pipes inside the house, if necessary. Kuopion Vesi switches the broken meter to a new one.



Kuopion Vesi water works is owned by the city of Kuopio. The turnover of the company is approximately 25 million euros, and there are 90 people working for the company. The main strategy of Kuopion Vesi is to produce good quality drinking water and treating the waste water properly. Furthermore the aim is to provide good conditions for the city of Kuopio to grow and develop with a good and functional water treatment system.

Kuopio Vesi offers its services in the urban areas, and in Melalahti, Vehmersalmi, Karttula, Nilsiä, Maaninka and Juankoski, which are smaller villages in the district of Kuopio. There are 12 water sources and water treatment plants, eight waste water treatment plants, and almost 1600 km long distribution network including pipelines for drinking water and waste water.


Total consumption of drinking water in Kuopio city area is approximately 17 000 m3/day. In the urban area there are two main water treatment plants. Both plants use bank filtrated lake water as raw water. Kuopion Vesi also produces water for Melalahti, Vehmersalmi, Karttula, Nilsiä, Maaninka and Juankoski villages. In these areas raw water is groundwater.

Drinking water quality in Kuopio area is good and it fulfills well the chemical and microbiological requirements set in drinking water directive (Ministry of social affairs and health 1352/2015).

See the summary  (The pdf file opens in a new window) of drinking water quality in Kuopio.


In the distribution system, there are 950 km water pipes and 630 km sewer. Kuopio city grows and several kilometers new pipe lines are built every year. In addition, the special attention to the renewing of the oldest pipe lines has been paid.


The waste waters of the urban area are treated in the Lehtoniemi waste water treatment plant. The sand and other solid wastes are separated mechanically in the process. Organic matter and nitrogen are removed in biological process and phosphorus in chemical process. The treated waters are drained to the lake Kallavesi.

In the rural area, there are smaller local waste water treatment plants. All the treatment plants are monitored, controlled, and maintained by a remote system from the Lehtoniemi waste water treatment plant.

All the treatment plants produce treated waste waters which fulfills requirements of the legislation.  See the summary  (The pdf file opens in a new window) of waste water quality in Kuopio.